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Shanghai Jingbei Automation Technology Development Co., Ltd. integrates the world's famous mechanical equipment suppliers, and is committed to creating satisfactory products and automation design solutions for customers. We provide manipulator, robot, end tooling, automatic assembly technology. We have been greatly innovative fixture and fixture design and production, corresponding to customer questions. At the same time, we are constantly developing new products, which have achieved modularization, integration and lightweight. (fixture is a very important part of the manipulator and production machinery closely linked) in order to meet the needs of customers, it is not only a part of grabbing, sucking, shearing, composite work in the fixture (mechanical fully automated work). Fixture technology is a very important part of professional fixture and manipulator (light, cheap, high-performance). It takes 3D fixture design and technological innovation of fixture special machine as new technology. We integrate multiple suppliers to select the right automation solution for each customer. According to the actual situation of the customer's site, choose the appropriate configuration for the customer.

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